Sandvik Canada Inc.

"Designstream was a strong team player at the onset of our project. They planned multiple locations which helped us choose our final site. Then they designed an unbelievable space that’s functional, sophisticated and completely eco-friendly; everything in the building is green, from flooring to furniture, drywall to dining tables.

We’re all proud to work in this airy, elegant, environmentally-conscious space. Thank you, Designstream, for playing a key role in such a worthy project!”

Dave Thompson,
President, Sandvik Canada Inc.

Green building. Innovative design.

Sandvik Canada Inc. is part of an international engineering group based in Sweden. In keeping with their company’s commitment to the environment, they wanted an innovative green space designed to encourage interaction, provide multifunctional spaces and offer a healthy, comfortable work environment.

Designstream joined the team in the early stages, assisting with building selection and budgeting. They then guided the design based on LEED® criteria for reduced resource consumption, better air quality, use of natural light and ergonomics to create a stylish, clean, and thoroughly modern environment that fits the Sandvik brand.

The team also went one step further and developed an instructional signage program that tells Sandvik’s “Gold is Green” story to educate guest and employees alike.

This project has been awarded LEED Gold Certification for Commercial Interiors.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Square footage: 25,000 sq.ft.


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